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Life can seem like an endless pursuit for ease and security. We want enough money to ward off our worry about the future. We look for love that will stay with us forever. We desire things that promise to make us feel complete.

LEAP offers you an alternative context for living, an opportunity to learn the principles and understand the distinctions that can have you shift from living in scarcity to basking in the richness of abundance.

Against the common, harried experience of not having enough time, allow yourself to see past the common beliefs about time and experience the timelessness of living in the moment. Discover how 24 hours can be enough, ample even, for an unhurried and rich experience of life.

We are wont to identify people, things and situations outside of us as causes of the results we have in our lives and it is no different with issues of money. In LEAP, you have the opportunity to discover some of the beliefs and attitudes we have which are the root of our repeated behaviour and decisions that limit us and constrict the flow of abundance and prosperity into our lives.

Discover new possibilities for meaningful and lasting relationships that transcend the fears and beliefs that keep people distant and apart from each other. Tap into the part of you that connects with people and that will enable you to create the rich and satisfying relationships that you want with the family and friends who are important to you in your life.


Here are some results from LEAP that are possible for you:

  • Cease the cycle of never having enough no matter how much you strive for
  • Experience the ease of living in the moment, free of anxiety and worry
  • Create wealth as you expand your feelings of confidence and security
  • Access the courage and power within to create the rich and satisfying relationships you want.



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