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“Winning in life, one conversation at a time.”

If you are a human being, you will be familiar with the struggle to have our conversations and relationships go the way we want.

Despite our best efforts, we find ourselves saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing but the wrong way, or having whatever we say being misunderstood anyway!

Unless you want something more, better, and different in your relationships, there is nothing you need to do, because life will just go on the way it has been for you and the way it has been for the world for millennia. As many of us say, “Well, that’s the way it goes!”

If, however, you want the best possible outcomes in success and happiness for yourself, then there is much to gain by putting in some work on the conversations and relationships in your life.

There is a reason why conversations present seemingly unsurmountable challenges, and it follows that there is a solution that will enable you to be more effective in your conversations which will result in improving the quality of your relationships at home, at work, in business, and in society.

Winning Conversations offers you a proven tool and specific coaching for transforming your conversations and relationships with others, and with yourself.

This experiential learning programme takes place over three weekends, which are spaced out to allow time in between for application and practice.

Part One


In Part One you are given a model that enables you to see your conversations for what they are. You get to see the dynamics of your interactions with people with such clarity that the weekend is typically punctuated with laughter-infused insights.

As you begin to see why you converse the way you do, you can examine the results you are creating in your interactions with others with some understanding instead of frustration.

You leave the weekend with an assignment to observe yourself as you go about your life, and in the intervening week, you discover a new awareness and understanding of your conversations that is truly exciting.

Part Two


In Part Two, you examine even more closely the dynamics of the conversations in your life — how what is said is not always what is meant, and what you see may not be what you get.

The experience of seeing what is really behind each conversation is accompanied by facepalm awakenings, moments of raw honesty, and feelings of compassion at seeing how we are each caught in our own programmed behaviour. Understanding ourselves and others gives us the courage to face up and to take responsibility for each conversation and relationship.

You leave the weekend with action steps you can take to start creating the kind of relationships you want by shifting the conversations that you have.

Part Three


In Part Three, you return to the most important relationship in your life — the one with yourself.

You explore and uncover the underlying blueprint that has been running your life, and in so doing, you begin to free yourself from the structures and strictures that would otherwise pre-determine your behavioural patterns and the course of your life.

The work you do in Winning Conversations can dismantle much of what has prevented you from fully living the authentic self that you are.

As a result, you will find a new sense of joy, freedom, and ease with yourself, and with the world.


The rationale for having teams is the advantage of the team being greater than the sum of its members.

Winning Conversations frees up the individual members of the team to work together more efficiently, with a minimum of self-serving games and manipulation getting in the way of the mission and objectives of the team.

A central tenet in Winning Conversations is that it takes only one person, who commits to being 100% responsible, to shift any conversation. When this becomes a shared awareness, the team can only become more cohesive.

As a tool for authentic conversations and relationships, Winning Conversations offers groups and organisations a rare opportunity to create and maintain a culture that can enable teams to deliver unprecendented results.

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