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Corporate Training Philosophy

Dynamics of Outcome


Mindset determines the extent and quality of actions and relationships in the workplace. Responsibility, authenticity and trust will generate openness, creativity and contribution, which lead to effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.


Skills determine the effectiveness of actions and relationships. Interpersonal skills create confidence in communications and relationships, thereby enhancing authenticity, trust and psychological safety in the workplace.


Knowledge is foundational for learning and acquisition of skills. It is knowledge of principles, that rules and distinctions create clear boundaries that allow freedom to express, experiment, creativity, and excel in the workplace.

Wholistic Approach

There is great value in making action effective and results sustainable in any organisation.

A wholistic approach would be to inculcate the Attitude, train the Skills, and impart the Knowledge that will bring this about and eventually establish it as a default.

Training programmes should be deployed first to establish a common foundation and reveal underlying issues early so that subsequent programmes can be more thorough and comprehensive in addressing them.

In order to inculcate the Attitude, train the Skills, and impart the Knowledge that will generate Effective Action and Sustainable Results, we recommend a wholistic approach which can include the following programmes: