Heart Knocks

Love means a capacity for the experience
of concern, responsibility, respect, and understanding
of another person and the intense desire for that other person's growth.

Erich Fromm

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What We Are About

We believe that the personal growth and psychological development of the individual human being is unquestionably the most powerful force for good in the world, enabling within the family the loving kindness we are all capable of, creating prosperity in business and fostering compassion and understanding in and between communities.

We see experiential education as the key which opens the door to realisation of human potential. Education creates awareness and understanding of new possibilities and experiential learning enables sustainable behavioural change.


A world of abundance and joy led by the wisdom of the heart.


Authentic • Passionate • Empowering


A world of abundance and joy led by the wisdom of the heart.


Authentic • Passionate • Empowering

Who We Are
For The Individual

We are a home for individuals who are committed to their personal growth and to the pursuit of their dreams and realisation of their vision for themselves and the world they live in.

In our service to individuals, we provide a safe space for exploration and discovery of possibilities in their life, family and community, that leads ultimately to their becoming fully who they can potentially be and who they are meant to be.

We also support individuals who have an interest in supporting others to become certified in coaching and training.

Who We Are
For The Organisation

We are a resource for organisations who are committed to their growth and constant improvement for the benefit of their customers, stakeholders, employees, suppliers and the business community of which they are a part.

In our service to organisations, we offer models, methods, solutions and strategies for organisational and business transformation through training and coaching people, grooming leaders and instilling a culture that is conducive to constant improvement and sustainable results.

Who We Are
For The Community

We have a vision of our training and coaching business contributing to the betterment of society through individuals to their families and through organisations to their employees, stakeholders and the business community, and ultimately to our country and the world.

How We Serve

Every participant who walks into our trainings will do so with their own unique reasons in mind. Whether they see it clearly before them or realise it in retrospect, many participants will do our trainings because they have wanted to:

  • Live life with freedom and passion
  • Have clarity on their direction in life
  • Expand their leadership skills
  • Have greater insight in areas important to them
  • Deepen their personal relationships
  • Continue their personal growth
  • Make a difference in the community
  • To accomplish what they know they have yet to do.

For our corporate clients, we offer solutions that are configured, customised and design for their specific needs, and it often will involve a multi-stage approach together with our client: First, we address some fundamentals that need to be re-aligned, such as the connections and communications within the organisation and with business counterparts, so that healthy and productive relationships can become the foundation of the business operations of the organisation.

Second, we address the culture under which the executives and staff operate, in terms of such values and characteristics as authenticity, vision, achievement, ownership and collaboration.

Third, building on the above, we support the client in establishing a culture that is in line with the purpose and values of the organisation so that results can be sustainable and continuously improved.

What You Will Get

When you participate fully in any of our trainings, we can promise you that you will receive value in some of the following ways:

  • Achieving new levels of success
  • Producing better results with less effort
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Facing challenges with more courage
  • Feeling more alive
  • Having greater trust in people and the future
  • Experiencing greater clarity about life and work
  • Handling stress effectively
  • Breaking through self-imposed limitations
  • Rekindling your joy in life.

When we work with you as an organisation, you get the support you need to create the future you want.