Advanced Living Series +

The Advanced Living Series is an online experiential training programme designed to advance your living skills, in communications and relation-ships, in career performance and in the achievement of your dreams and goals in life.

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Discovery+ Part 1: The basic

Discovery+ Part 1 The Basic

offers you a new awareness of your own behaviour and of some patterns which may have been limiting a fuller realisation of your personal potential.

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Discovery+ Part 2: The Turning Point

Discovery+ Part 2 Turning Point

gives you a rigorous environment in which you can choose to stretch further than you have ever done before, and have a taste of how it can feel to live without limitation.

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is an intensive three-month programme which gives you the opportunity to pitch yourself against a set of time-based personal, career, team and community goals that you define for yourself and receive coaching to support you in achieving them.

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Blissful Living Series+

Designed to open up that other half of life that is often ignored, neglected or denied, sometimes at great cost to our mental and physical well-being and personal happiness.

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The Master’s Course+

is an opportunity to explore and uncover the distinctions that can start you on the road to mastery in your own life.

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Personal Mastery+

provides you with some concrete steps and the coaching to support you in the practice of mastery in your own life, with yourself and in relation to the people around you.

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Colourful Living Workshops+

Do you sometimes feel that there are important parts of your life that you would like to have become more, better and different? Richer and more fulfilling? Less “stuck” or less frustrating?

What areas of your life would be important to you? Inner peace, a sense of equanimity in the face of uncertain futures, a more harmonious relationship with your life partner and family?

The Colourful Living Workshops+ are designed to add new dimensions of richness and fulfilment to all these aspects of your life.

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Dynamic learning labs+

The Dynamic Learning Labs+ are the missing pieces from the core workshops that cover in detail, certain areas of your life. Here are some labs that will bring new possibilities to your life:

Graduate Application Programs+

After experiencing the core trainings, do you notice your experience being different from the next person’s in the training? Wondering why you and your peers heard different things in the core trainings? Wonder why certain things were said and done in the trainings?

Wonder no more! These programmes are designed for you to observe the processes of the core trainings and understand the purpose and context of the words said and activities/games played.