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Do you sometimes feel that life in the modern world seems almost within our control? That more than ever before in the history of the human race, we have today the freedom and the means to craft our circumstances to fit in with our desires?

Does it not seem obvious that we have the technology to modify our living environment for our comfort and convenience and the freedom to indulge in luxury and whim?

But what if, despite the freedom and the means at your disposal, you have that gnawing feeling that there could be more?

Do you feel that there is still potential within you, untapped?

Do you have dreams and goals yet to be realised, or postponed from yesterday?

Or have you tried not to think about them, haunted by what could have been?

Whether you feel somewhat positive or somewhat pessimistic about your future, we may have something for you…

How is it that the higher one climbs in sports or the performing arts the more one receives coaching? And yet, in virtually none of the important aspects of our lives do we get such support. It seems as if it were taboo to suggest that human beings needed any education on how to live!

Well, taboo no longer! Because the coaching that has helped thousands of people reach the highest levels of achievement in the sports arena and the corporate world is now available to you!

And it can help you get more out of life than you’ve ever got before!

The Advanced Living Series is a programme designed to advance your living skills, in communications and relationships, in career performance and in the achievement of your dreams and goals in life.

The programme is in three parts:

  • Discovery+ Part 1: The Basic and Discovery+ Part 2: The Turning Point offers you a new awareness of your own behaviour and of some patterns which may have been limiting a fuller realisation of your personal potential.
  • Legacy+ is an intensive three-month programme which gives you the opportunity to pitch yourself against a set of time-based personal, career, team and community goals that you define for yourself and receive coaching to support you in achieving them.

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