The Colourful Living Workshops +


How rich and fulfilling do you want your life to be?

Do you dare to want more for yourself?

Or do you feel that you should be content with
what you already have,
and not tempt fate by wanting more?

How do you see yourself having

more money?
more time?
more open and closer relationships?
more luck?
more happiness?

How about more colour in your life…

Do you sometimes feel that there are important parts of your life that you would like to have become more, better and different? Richer and more fulfilling? Less “stuck” or less frustrating?

What areas of your life would be important to you? Inner peace, a sense of equanimity in the face of uncertain futures, a more harmonious relationship with your life partner and family?What is it?

The Colourful Living Workshops+ include:

The Power of Intimacy+, which offers tools and learning in relating to your self, other people and with everything in this world which are inextricably and unavoidably a part of your life.

Living Every day in Abundance and Prosperity+, to support you in reconciling the life of abundance you want with the world of fear and insecurity and scarcity that we are surrounded with.

Relationship Workshop+, to support you in deepening your capacity to know and to love the important people in your life.

The Advanced Living Series+ which graduated you into seeing and experiencing life as full of possibility allows you to enrich the canvas of your life with the Colourful Living Workshops+.

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