develop the uniqueness and brilliance in you

build your own coaching practice while you learn to coach

opportunity to explore yourself deeply

build and grow your own business

What is offered

Intimate Settings

with Master Coaches

and Depth

Experiential Learning
through embodied practices

Build a Successful 
and Meaningful
Coaching Practice


Why Coaching?

Because coaching is about having people win, and if you live the spirit of a coach, you will create winners in your life— in your family, at work, and in the world around you—people cannot help but win because of you.

Why Ideal Coaching Global?


ICG is committed to having you live, breathe and be the best possible coach in mind body and spirit, as a gift to the world

ICG is run by a great team: https://idealcoachingglobal.com/the-team/
ICG supports you in building your coaching business

ICG has a unique methodology informed by Ontology, Mindfulness, and Ecology: https://idealcoachingglobal.com/the-method/

Why Ontology?

Because ontology opens the way for you to be aligned as a being—physiologically, neurologically, and philosophically— complete and in harmony with yourself.

Why Mindfulness?

Because it is the path that leads you out of unconscious, automatic thoughts, drives, and behaviour—so that you can free yourself into healing, creation and possibility—for you, and as a result of that, for the people and the world around you.

Why Ecology?

Because sustainable peace, prosperity and growth comes from seeing that everyone and everything in the world
has a place, a role, and a function that is designed to be in harmony with everything and everyone else.

Why Coaching For Excellence?

Because it is a programme designed and conducted in order to achieve all of the above and, at the same time, taking you to a level of skill and competence deserving of your credential as a Professional Certifed Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Why ICF?

Because it is the gold standard in international coaching certifcation, bar none.

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