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Art of Relating – Part 1: Interpersonal Styles [AOR1]

This is a fun-filled workshop where participants discover their default style of communication, and learn skills and techniques to bridge the communication gap between them and other people with a different style.
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This workshop begins by demonstrating that people communicate from four basic styles, or a combination of them. The individual who continues to be comfortable only with people of a similar style could be said to be limiting their effectiveness with three-quarters of the rest of the world!

Participants learn first their personal, default style, which is how they naturally express themselves. Then they get to see how other people who have a different style communicate and relate quite differently from them.

Through several rounds of fun-filled exercises, participants get feedback on how they are doing and coaching on how they can shift their communications style to be more effective with people of other styles.

At the organisational level, this workshop can result in people being more able and willing to work together in harmony.



(Inclusive of SST)


  • Age 18 & above
Language: English (with Mandarin translation)