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What does it take to go where we’ve never been?

Have you tried to improve on where you already are by following do’s and don’ts and some of the formulas commonly on offer?

Do you sometimes feel that many of these solutions make good sense but are easier said than done?

What could be that limiting factor that keeps you where you are?

It’s not a massage, it’s a workout!

During the training, you’re invited to participate in exercises and activities designed to have you see, probably more clearly than ever before, the patterns that you may have allowed to influence or even define your life and your self.

You can think of it like a gym, where if you do the workout, you may discover muscles you never though you had.

It begins with awareness

Based on proven theories and models of thinking, Discovery Training will help you challenged old assumptions and create new tools to access issues that are basic and common, yet most relevant and urgent for you.

It is designed to bring a fundamental increase in your life. This awareness is the single, most powerful benefit from this training.

The answer is in the questions

Discovery Training is designed to pose questions rather than offer simplistic answers. These questions can lead to insights that make all the difference.

Some possibilities for you:

  • You have a better understanding of how you tend to respond to situations and challenges and how you can choose to respond differently so as to have the results you really want.
  • You gain some clarity and begin to explore the possibility of choosing what you want in life and having the courage to go for it.
  • You see how risk and change can be looked upon as exciting and full of possibilities rather than as a threat.
  • You gain a new sense of enthusiasm and adventure that expands the joy of living for you.


  • Age 18 & above or age 17 with parental consent



(Inclusive of SST)