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The 5th Element [5E]

The ability and capacity to express our sexuality in a healthy and enlightened way can bring that much more fulfilment in our lives and in our relationships. The 5th Element is designed to help you explore the beliefs, behaviours and conversations that makes you have a positive or negative experience with regard to sex and sexuality.
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In an ideal world, you would have grown up with accurate and helpful information on your body, relationships, love, sexual orientation, gender identity, reproductive health, sexual behavior, pregnancy and STD.

Unfortunately, most of us had to learn all about these things ourselves, and separate the myths from the facts and, meanwhile, experimenting, literally, in the dark.

And many live with the effects of ignorance, misunderstanding and negative experience, unable to express their sexuality in a healthy way for years.


Here are some results from the 5th Element Workshop that are possible for you:

  • You begin to see the fears and unfounded beliefs about sexuality for what they are
  • You gain understanding on how sexuality encompasses and impacts your self-worth and how you relate with your self and others
  • You begin learning to accept and love the human body, yours and that of your lover

You learn about the dynamics of sexual attraction and how sexual communication can enhance your intimate relationship.



(Inclusive of SST)


You must be a graduate of the following:

Language: English (with Mandarin translation)