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Transformation Training [TT]

Immerse yourself in a rigorous environment in which you get to stretch further than you have ever done before, and have a taste of what it can feel to live without limitation.
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The only way out is through

Transformation is designed to have you create a personal breakthrough that will shatter the current constraints in your experience of life and open up new horizons of possibility for the future.

You begin to experience the power of living from the present moment, free from the shackles of the past and the fears of the future.

And once that happens…

There is no putting the genie back in the bottle!


Here are some results from the Transformation Training that are possible for you:

  • You leave behind things in the past that no longer serve you
  • You gain an improved ability to shift your thoughts, moods and actions despite circumstances and what other people might say or do.
  • You learn a new way of responding to doubts, fears and skepticism.
  • You greet the future with enthusiasm and a sense of excitement over the seemingly limitless possibilities now open to you.

You recover the energy and joy of living in the present moment!



(Inclusive of SST)


You must be a graduate of the following:

Language: English (with Mandarin translation)