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Blissful Living Set [BLS]

The BLS is designed to open up that other half of life that is often ignored, neglected or denied, sometimes at great cost to our mental and physical well-being and personal happiness.
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The Blissful Living Series is a programme is in three parts:

  • The Masters Course, lets you explore and uncover the distinctions that starts you on the road to mastery in your life.
  • Personal Mastery, gives you the concrete steps and coaching to support you in the practice of mastery in your own life, with yourself, and in relation to the people around you.
  • Shoshin is an intensive six-month programme that guides you on a personal journey of discipline and practice in the art of living life moment by moment and step by step towards mastery.

(Inclusive of SST)


You must be a graduate of the following:

Language: English (with Mandarin translation)