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Personal Mastery [PM]

Personal Mastery offers you a set of specific actions that will open the way for a palpable experience of stepping towards mastery.
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Masters appear larger than life and often too remote to encompass in our own experience. We are inspired by them and we try to emulate them, gleaning from books and other resources such “secrets” may be revealed by them or construed by others.

Yet the chasm between our aspiration to mastery and our daily lives seem so wide that it isn’t long before moments of inspiration degenerate into exasperation and resignation, often in proportion to our very desire for mastery.

Personal Mastery  is designed to break you out of being stuck in the frustration of “efforting” and not getting anywhere.

The way out of this entanglement lies in the experiential processes in Personal Mastery.

Freeing oneself from that which persists because one resists is really easier done than said!


Here are some of the results you may expect from participating in Personal Mastery:

  • You have the opportunity to examine where you stand and how you have related with the people in your life and the events that have defined who you are today
  • You may be confronted with a demand for courage and honesty with yourself
  • You may experience both joy and trepidation at the same time.
  • You may be drawn to embark on a journey of continuing inquiry and conscious self-awareness

And you consider what it may mean to live a lifetime of practice.


(Inclusive of SST)


You must be a graduate of the following:

Language: English (with Mandarin translation)