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Switching Hats [SWH]

Switching Hats for Leadership Dexterity supports the executive, the manager, and the coach, in recognising what the situation or state of play of a team or individual requires and how to respond and where to lead them next.
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The simplistic hierarchical representation of people in an organisation chart belies the complexity of interactions and relationships in the functioning of a modern corporation and the resourcefulness it demands of executives and managers as they rise in the ranks. At any given moment, the executive or manager is called upon to take on one or more roles, exercise one or more functions, and perform one or more tasks, and have all of that work at the same time

Participants learn to read various situations, understand what is needed, and engage in a hands-on exercise to practice how to intervene with the appropriate measures.


In Switching Hats, you get to learn:

  • The different ways of relating to create results, in particular, as leader, manager, or coach
  • How to read the state of play of your team and players to determine which hat—leader, manager or coach—to wear in order to move your players forward
  • The territory where coaching takes place and the different stages in performance of players
  • Distinctions in coaching that will have you be incisively effective

How to have your player win!


(Inclusive of SST)


You must be a graduate of the following:

Language: English (with Mandarin translation)