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What you do

Designed to let you integrate what you have learnt from Discovery and Transformation in your daily life, Legacy Programme will have you:

  • Taking effective action to achieve a set of personal goals for work, home, relationships, health, finance, and other areas important to you
  • Form a team with a common vision to make a difference in the world
  • Enrolling other people into taking effective action in moving forward in their own lives, which for some will result in their participation in the Advanced Living Series programme
  • Carrying out with your team a project in contribution to a group of people in the community
  • Undertaking a personal study on the life and work of a world leader
  • You see yourself in action – how you play, what gets you going and what gets you down, lessons which will prove invaluable in life
  • You experience the power of a vision to move yourself and others to action
  • You learn and instill in yourself disciplines and practices that support you in achieving your goals for years to come

What you get

The Legacy Programme provides a support structure which includes:

  • Three training weekends of experiential learning and processes specially designed to support peak performance
  • A coaching structure at team, small group and individual levels
  • Daily and weekly interactions within your team and with your coaches to review progress, provide and receive feedback and choosing the next step
  • You acquire a new relationship with time and with results
  • You have a more enthusiastic taste for adventure and challenge
  • As you make a difference for yourself, you also enroll people into making a difference for themselves
  • You find the courage to commit to a personal vision and a stand on how the world could be

And while you’re doing all that, you’ll have a lot of fun!



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