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Leadership Performance Programme

The Leadership Performance Programme is a personal and team achievement project during which participants get to test and show their mettle in leadership by producing specific, tangible results with their teams at work.

The programme is facilitated by a trainer and coaches over several months, beginning with a Launch, followed by a Midpoint check, and a Completion at the end.

At Launch, participants begin by crafting a Declaration of Excellence (DOE) setting out the specific results they will accomplish with their workplace teams.

They then take action on their DOE while receiving weekly coaching on their performance, once a week online, and meeting in small groups every 3 weeks.

Halfway through the programme, participants return to the training room for their Midpoint check where they are debriefed on their results, then taking their learning into the next half of the programme.

Participants continue to receive coaching and meet as a team to stay on track until the end of the programme.

In the final week of the programme, participants come to Completion as they debrief on their final results and celebrate their achievements and formal completion of the programme.

Outcomes from the Leadership Performance Programme include:

  • Achievement of unprecedented results at work and with their workplace teams.
  • Tangible contribution to the organisation.
  • A personal benchmark of achievement in results as well as in effectiveness and efficiency as a leader and manager.
  • A team benchmark for what is possible in the organisation.
  • An experience of breakthrough that for some participants can set them on a journey of mastery in leadership.

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