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Switching Hats™

for Leadership Dexterity

Organisations looking to fill leadership positions often find their newly promoted staff less than competent to perform their new job. This is especially disappointing and frustrating when they have selected the best person (in their previous job) for the new position.

This phenomenon is an example of The Peter Principle, which states that people in a hierarchy will rise to their level of incompetence, and remain there — a rule that conjures up a nightmare vision of a entire organisation of people incompetent at their job!

Very frequently, the skills needed for a leadership position has everything to do with managing other people, which is very different from just doing the job. The lack of such skills can account for much of the “incompetence” that spans all levels of the organisation.

Switching Hats™ is designed to equip people with the attitude, skills and knowledge to create results through others so that they can be competent in a leadership capacity.

Creating results through other people requires that the leader be able to relate to people and respond to situations in the different ways that is demanded in the moment and in every moment.

In other words, they need to “wear different hats”, such as:

  • The Leader’s hat, to ensure that the right things are done.
  • The Manager’s hat, to ensure that things are done right.
  • The Coach’s hat, to ensure that things are done better.
  • Other hats, as appropriate.

Every person in the organisation skilled in Switching Hats will reach beyond competency to a level of leadership dexterity that can transform the interactions in the workplace to one of harmonious collaboration and cooperation, and fuel a growth in the organisation, that others can only envy.

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