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About The Samurai Game®

The most unique and powerful experiential simulation available for personal growth, leadership and team-building.

The Samurai Game® is a highly challenging, psychologically intense simulation game in which participants take on the role of medieval Samurai, and cross a boundary in the mind and, for the duration of the game, operate under unfamiliar modes of relationship and governance.

The Samurai Game® simulates intensity and immediacy in a way that is commonly associated only within actual combat, but which may also be encountered in certain aspects of business and professional competition.

Participants, as in actual combat, are never quite certain of all the rules or of exactly what is going on. Such conditions, unlike those found in many group training situations, provide an intense test of integrity when no one is watching, support when the going gets tough and rules do not easily apply, and commitment when the future is unclear and there is no certainty of success.

The elegant simplicity of The Samurai Game® belies the profound experience commonly reported by participants at the individual level and the rich possibilities which open up for attitudinal and cultural change at the organisational level.

Participants discover in themselves the courage and resoucefulness they did not know, or have forgotten, they had all along. Divisions and rivalries fade in the light of a new appreciation for each one’s contribution to the organisation and to one another.

These experiences and insights lead naturally to an open willingness to get along and work with one another for the common good.

THE SAMURAI GAME® was created by George Leonard
and may only be delivered by facilitators trained and certified by
The Leonard Family Trust.
© 1977 George Leonard. All rights reserved worldwide.

Outcomes with The Samurai Game®

Outcomes with
The Samurai Game®

Possible outcomes for participants of The Samurai Game® include:

  • A profound sense of purpose in life and career
  • A passionate urgency in thought and action
  • An experience of being totally present in the moment
  • A new respect and empathy for others
  • A courageous embracing of responsibility and challenge
  • An openness to new possibilities for self and team

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Get Started with The Samurai Game®

Get Started with
The Samurai Game®