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The Art of Relating workshop empowers individuals to enhance their communication skills, build harmonious relationships, and adapt their approach to effectively connect with diverse styles and learning preferences.

AOR3: Learning Modalities

This workshop demonstrates how people learn and process information through 3 different channels —the  visual, the auditory and the kinesthetics — and how many people have a preference for one modality over the others.

Participants learn how to detect the preferred learning style of another and how shifting their communications to address that preference can have them be more effective with people.

When called upon to communicate or or give a presentation, participants will be able to ensure that they address the different modalities so that the members of the audience can all feel that the communication or presentation is addressing them directly.


The Art of Relating workshops enable you to enhance your communication skills, to build harmonious relationships and be effective in connecting with people of diverse styles and learning preferences.


  • Age 18 & above


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