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What is Discovering Your Child™ about?

Discovering Your Child™ is a workshop designed to support you in creating a happy and loving environment at home for both parent and child.

In this workshop, you get to re-examine all the parenting methods, attitudes and beliefs that you have inherited from your forbears, and to consciously adopt what works, and to modify or discard all that do not serve the best interests of both parent and child.

You will be delighted to learn, and to prove to yourself, that you can make your life as a parent not only easier but also more fulfilling.

The workshop takes you a step at a time, a week at a time, over 5 weeks of learning and practice to create that loving connection between you and your child.

Areas of Learning and Practice

Here are some results from Discovering Your Child™ that are possible for you:

  • You get to understand your child’s need to be seen, and to learn and adopt some proven practices that will restore and nurture that loving connection between parent and child.
  • You get to re-examine the wisdom of controlling behaviour with rewards and punishment, and to consider some alternative practices that encourage learning and
  • You get to explore ways to allow your child to feel they belong by allowing them to contribute to the family and confiding in them, even on grown-up matters. You may be surprised how much a child can understand.
  • You have the opportunity of making a choice to be the person your child looks to when they are confronted with matters concerning the most important things in their life, no matter what age they happen to be.
  • You get to put your life and the life of your child in perspective so that each of you can live authentically with each other and appreciate the special relationship that only a parent and their child can have.


  1.  Principal carer/teacher: RM1,988/- (current page)
  2. Principal carer/teacher plus 1 other carer/teacher: RM2,976/- [click here]
  3. Principal carer/teacher plus 2 other carers/teachers: RM3,964/- [click here]

Free Tools

Each registration package will include the following tools from The Nurts:
1. One set of Heart to Heart cards
2. One copy of “A Parent’s Promise” book


  • Age 18 & above


Programme Brochure

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