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What is Legacy Reloaded?

Legacy Reloaded is an advanced leadership programme designed for people who have already experienced success in their life.

It is especially meant for you if your journey of achievement was catalysed by a leadership programme called Legacy or LP.

Just as your Legacy or LP journey boosted your personal growth once upon a time, Legacy Reloaded is designed to bridge you from where you are today to who you want to be with your next life-changing leap forward.

Legacy Reloaded comes with:

  • A very different 1st Weekend
  • A life-changing, extended, residential 2nd Weekend
  • A 3rd Weekend that’s as special as you would expect it to be.
  • The beginning of your certification with the Institute of Leadership, UK.

Step up to Legacy Reloaded today! Not only for what it can give you, rather for who you will grow into as you soar to new heights in your life!




(Inclusive of SST)