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In Part 1, you are given a model that enables you to see your conversations for what they are. You get to see the dynamics of your interactions with people with such clarity that the weekend is typically punctuated with laughter-infused insights.

You leave with an assignment to observe yourself as you go about your life, and in the intervening week, you discover a new awareness and understanding of your conversations that is truly exciting.

In Part 2, you examine even more closely the dynamics of the conversations in your life—how what is said is not always what is meant, and what you see may not be what you get.

You leave with action steps you can take to start creating the kind of relationships you want by shifting the conversations that you have.

In Part 3, you explore and uncover the underlying blueprint that has been running your life, and in so doing, you begin to free yourself from the structures and strictures that would otherwise pre-determine your behavioural patterns and the course of your life.

As a result, you will find a new sense of joy, freedom, and ease with yourself, and with the world.

As a tool for authentic conversations and relationships, Winning Conversations™ offers groups and organisations a rare opportunity to create and maintain a culture that can enable teams to deliver unprecendented results.


Here are some results from Winning Conversations™ that are possible for you:

  • You gain a keen awareness of your default patterns of feelings and behaviour and as a result find yourself able to consciously shift your reactions and responses to achieve the results you want with other people.
  • You have some understanding of the dynamics of human interactions and the drives that determine behaviour and feelings and begin to take full responsibility for both sides of each relationship and learn to transform it for the benefit of both parties.
  • You become aware of how you had, in early childhood, crafted a script or map of your life and of the fundamental imperatives that have determined the course of their life, and you are then enabled to recover your freedom to live your authentic self.

You gain the confidence and freedom to achieve everything that’s authentic for you.


  • Age 18 & above


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