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About Ideal Coaching Global

USA • Malaysia

“Enriching our world through coaching so that every voice is heard.”

Ideal Coaching Global (ICG) is a coaching school that is also a school of philosophy, language, effectiveness, communication, inquiry, and expansion. Through ICG’s unique methodology, our students become highly perceptive and successful coaches — transforming themselves alongside their communities.

As ontological coaches, you will practice observing clients through a deeper understanding of language. Language as action. Language as creation. Coaches listen deeply in order to enter into the reality of another human being; they are curious about what’s beneath a client’s words, communicate directly, break through limitations and reveal blindspots that open new possibilities and results.

Ideal Coaching Global Malaysia brings all of ICG to you in Malaysia and the Asia time zone!

What is Ontological Coaching?

At ICG, our purpose is to cultivate and nurture transformative change through ontological, ecological, and mindfulness coaching.

Coaching through ontology means coaching “ways of being” by cultivating a nuanced understanding of the dominant cultural memes, and the underlying, non-linear and holistic processes that shape our world.

By “world” we mean a cultural-biological and linguistic space articulated through meaningful relationships, self-interpretations, lifestyles, values, and changing patterns of cohabitation.

We can transform the paradigms under which we live by recognizing the patterns and processes that shape our practices. These patterns and processes shape and structure the possibilities we have for taking action in our own lives. We can learn to more effectively transform these patterns into possibilities by taking greater responsibility in shaping our world, allowing us to achieve peace, fulfillment, and effectiveness in our individual lives.

The goal is to enrich our participation in the shaping of our world—to more authentically “own” our lives while effecting positive change.

In a mindful and authentically articulated life, we not only want to meet our material goals, but also enhance the unfolding experience, meaning, and rhythm of our lives.

We want to attune ourselves to the prevailing “moods” that imbue our individual lives, which allow us to enrich their meaning and emotional coloring.

We actively cultivate ways of being by more profoundly understanding the actions we perform through language, that is, by seeing language as more than just a set of meaningful symbols organized by codified rules of grammar.

We aim to appreciate the profound ways in which we actually make things happen with words, and thereby shape the world we live in through an ever-evolving grammar of action.

We aim to flourish emotionally, materially, and responsibly by enriching our understanding of what informs the meaningful and value-laden relationships we enact in our lives. To do so, we can cultivate expertise in understanding how a world is socially constructed and ecologically constrained.

We can enrich our participation in this process by becoming active participants, rather than passive recipients, in the shaping of our world and individual lives. “Ontological training” cultivates and sharpens our sense for the underlying processes and cultural memes that shape who we are, where we are, what we value, and how we live.

Key Concepts

  • Ontology is the study of the dynamic and ever-changing conditions that make a culturally-ecologically bound space meaningful and ripe with possibilities
  • “World” is not a noun, and it’s not just “reality.” We are always “world-ing” and producing meaning and possibilities for action, either passively or actively. We want to enhance our active participation in shaping a world.
  • Coaching facilitates transformation in the paradigms we use to organize our lives and our values by tapping into our natural capacities and assets, while locating our ineffective habits and strategies.

To the Point:

What we do, what we think, and how we think, is conditioned by the linguistic, ecological, and cultural space in which we find ourselves.

Be Certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

As our industry grows, it becomes increasingly important that coaches can prove they have had in-depth coach training and have acquired certification. ICF is the largest body of certified coaches in the world and is responsible for creating the industry standard in coach training, ethics, and competencies. 

In 2016 ICG was accredited by the ICF as a school that meets all the requirements of world-class coaching training. During the nine-month program, you will be mentored and coached one-on-one by the expert faculty on our staff. 

There are three levels of ICF Certification:

ACC = Associate Certified Coach
(Included in your training)

PCC = Professional Certified Coach
(Included in your training)

MCC = Master Certified Coach
(3,000 coaching hours +
additional mentoring required)

Once you complete our program, you will be eligible for both ACC and PCC certification from the ICF. To apply for your MCC, additional mentoring will be required.

ICF Certification Process

  1. The core of Ideal Coaching Global is the four conferences you will attend, which are spread over the length of the course. We will provide 217+ training hours and experimental practices with both coaching and leadership. You do not need to be local for all nine months, but you are required to attend each conference. Training hours are both in-person and virtual.
  2. Each student will practice 75 hours of coaching with a minimum of 8 different clients. A maximum of 20 of these hours may be pro-bono arrangements. You will be mentored and coached one-on-one during the nine-month program.
  3. Students are required to pass an oral and a written examination, demonstrating that they can coach at a PCC level. The oral examination will be evaluated according to the International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies.
  4. You must complete all course work to receive your certification. Most students spend 5-10 hours a week on coach training. This includes your practice coaching sessions, all written assignments, 12 coaching sessions with your staff coach, 6 mentoring sessions with your staff mentor, and attendance to all online and in-person workshops.

On the Fence About Becoming a Coach?

Join us for a nine-month, ICF certification program designed for those who aspire to be coaches and leaders while contributing greatly to society.

  • Our curriculum is developed and taught by master coaches, internationally renowned as being thought leaders in the industry. Your course will include over 287+ hours of hands-on training.
  • You will actively build your own coaching practice while you learn to coach. In order to graduate the program, you are required to have paid clients, and thus by default, will have already seen a return on your investment.
  • We have small, diverse classes that allow for one-on-one mentoring, coaching, and support that will develop the uniqueness and brilliance in you.
  • We provide hands-on, experiential exercises and techniques that encompass the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit.
  • You will learn the mindset of entrepreneurship coupled with modern marketing tools and practices. During your training, you won’t need to spend any money on marketing while building your business.
  • We are an inclusive community of professional coaches that remain here to support you even after you graduate.
  • You will participate in study groups guided by Ph.D. philosophers and teachers versed in ontology, speech-act theory, NLP, mindfulness, and the nature of perception and deep ecology.
  • Above all, you will have the opportunity to explore yourself deeply; your perspectives, worldviews, your limiting beliefs as well as your own genius. Be prepared to transform your own life in every domain, becoming a powerful and limitless context for your clients.

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