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Advanced Living Series [ALS]

Embark on a 3-part experiential training programme designed to advance your living skills, in communications and relationships, in career advancement, and in the achievement of your dreams and goals in life.
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There are 3 parts to the Advanced Living Series:


The Discovery Training offers you a new awareness of your own behaviour and of some patterns which may have been limiting a fuller realisation of your personal potential.


The Transformation Training gives you a rigorous environment in which you can choose to stretch further than you have ever done before, and have a taste of how it can feel to live without limitation.



The Legacy Programme is an intensive 100-day programme which gives you the opportunity to pitch yourself against a set of time-based personal, career, team and community goals that you define for yourself and receive coaching to support you in achieving them.



You’ll never know how far you can go — until you do!



(Inclusive of SST)


  • Age 18 & above
Language: English (with Mandarin translation)